Cape Cod software development services engineer Barnstable MA Chris Dixon, the owner of Cape Computer Help, Inc, is a software development engineer with more than 20 years experience.

Please check out the attached resume at the bottom of this page for details of Chris’s experience, and visit his Linked in Page here.

Chris has extensive software design experience in C, C++ and C#, especially in embedded applications for Windows CE and embedded Linux. He’s also developed device drivers for graphics controllers, network controllers and other devices. Chris’s focus is frequently on reliability and his specialty is to enter a development program at the stage when things are ‘mostly working’ and continue the development to the point where the software and system is ready for deployment, and continue to troubleshoot problems in the field to achieve a reliable, dependable product.

In addition Chris has experience managing intercompany relationships, heading up technical support operations and also vendor relationships.

If you are considering some custom software to help to run your business on Cape Cod, a call to Chris would be a great way to examine your options. One of the services Chris has offered a few customers recently is to research available software solutions for specific business needs, talking to the technical sales support staff at a shortlist of companies, and advise on what solutions may work and the advantages of each solution. His specialized knowledge can really help.

When Chris moved to Cape Cod in 2006, most of this software development work continued remotely, with regular meetings and head office visits. Over the last few years though, his business has moved more to the Local IT Support and Computer Repair business, and Cape Computer Help’s Website Development business has become a very strong component of the business.

Chris Dixon’s resume: chris-dixon-resume-3pp