Q: [Can you help me to understand my computer problem?]
A: Yes. Lets start with a phone call and we can work out what you need. If something is wrong we can try our remote assistance tool if you can reach the internet. Otherwise you can drop it off at my office with a pre-arranged appointment, or I can come to your site and take a look at it. If you need some training or advice, we can help with that too. Phone calls, unless a scheduled support session, are usually free.

Q: [How much will it cost?]
A: I am not going to charge you until we agree how we are going to work together. Then I’ll quote you either a fixed price or an hourly charge depending on what we think will work best for us both. I’m not going to charge you if we cannot get a satisfactory result.

Q: [Why Cape Computer Help? Couldn’t I take it to a store?]
A: From Cape Computer Help, you’ll get personal service and someone who can help you to get the best out of your equipment, and provide a range of other services including training and web site design. Of course you can take it to a store. I doubt it will end up being cheaper, though.

Q: [I have some files/pictures on my dead computer. Can I get them out?]
A: It depends on what has happened. Lets discuss on the phone or email and Chris will advise you. Very often, yes, there is something we can do.

Q: [What happens when you are away or busy? Can I still get help?]
A: I’m usually responsive on my cellphone. If I’m busy or unavailable you can leave me a voicemail, and I’ll get back to you usually within an hour or two and certainly within 24 hours. I do not usually work weekends. If for some reason I’m away I have some colleagues whom I call and arrange for cover in my absence. I always check on my return to make sure any issues have been successfully resolved and take steps to make sure that they are.