Cape Cod small business it support services Barnstable Mashpee Yarmouth MAMuch of my business at Cape Computer Help consists of small business IT support on Cape Cod. I’ve had the good fortune to maintain a relationship with many of these businesses for several years, and its a pleasure to drop into their office to solve problems, large or small. Usually I can schedule a visit within a few days, but in the case of an emergency where a computer problem is preventing the business from operating normally I try to get there as soon as possible. Here are a few of the jobs I commonly deal with. if you have a problem though, please call and I will be glad to help.

Installing a replacement computer

I can purchase a new computer for you. I’ll choose the best value for you based on your needs and what’s available at the time and order it online. I don’t charge a markup. If you prefer you can take my advice and pick one up at one of the discount stores in town. When the computer comes in I’ll bring it up at my office and get windows up to date and then install it at your office. I can install any software needed, such as Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel and Outlook for reading email. I can copy any needed data from the old computer to the new one so that whoever is using the computer can start right away to work with it, instead of spending time getting it setup. Networked office printers need to be connected, and email configured on the new system. With my help what seems like a daunting task to be put off sometimes for months can be quick and painless. Don’t have your staff struggle with an old slow computer, costing you thousands in lost revenue and possibly even a lost employee because of their frustration. Once the new computer is up and running, I can do a short training session on any differences, and be on hand by phone or email to answer questions.

Installing a networked printer and scanner

Networked printers can be tricky to setup. Call a professional, I can do the work quickly and with minimum disruption to the office. One large efficient networked laser printer is much more efficient than getting a small inkjet printer for each computer. Give us a call and we will discuss some options. Scanning documents and emailing them to customers and vendors has become a normal way to do business. Setting up the scanner so that all of the people in the office has access to it is essential.

Virus Removal

For details on my virus removal techniques check out my Computer Repair page. I prefer to work on virus removal at my office, because the process can sometimes take a few hours when I can be working on other things, which reduces the labor cost considerably. I can pick the computer up from the office and drop it off cleaned up, or if required I can work on the computer on site. Some offices will not allow their equipment to leave the premises for security reasons, and in this case that’s the only option.

Managed Antivirus software

I offer Symantec Endpoint protection software. This software is similar to the very popular and effective Norton Antivirus, but through my portal and via email reports I can monitor the scanning and detection of malware on your computers. This option works really well for what I call my repeat offenders. These are computer users who seem to get malware on their computers regularly because of their online activity. When I hear that the computer has been attacked by email I can take action, if required to advise the user and or come by and make sure its working correctly still.

Remote technical support

Using teamviewer, which is a free tool available on the internet, we can connect my computer to yours and I can control it remotely. This enables me to scan for viruses, configure email addresses, printers, and so on, without the cost of an office visit. For regular customers, if the session was only short I do not usually charge for this service.

Configuring email on computers and mobile devices

Do you like to get email on your phone so that you can keep up whilst out of the office? Normally this is easy to setup, but if you need my help, give me a call.

Contact us today to discuss your small business IT support needs. We look forward to providing your solution.